Way back in 1963 Mr. Abdul Majeed Bhatti and his son Mr. Abdul Hameed Bhatti establish a brand SANZLY with the cutler’s guild . A brilliant idea, in our opinion because that makes SANZLY one of the oldest brand in beauty industry. And Pakistanis are well known for their love of traditions, So thanks for that.

The untiring efforts and the valuable skills of these gentlemen keeping in view the scientific aspects of quality Beauty implements, the manufacturing in a very short span of time managed to bring SANZLY to a remarkable response and appreciation by the valuable customers from all over the world.

The small company that started with the production of high quality beauty tools inspires the whole beauty industry with its own equipped manufacturing units located in Pakistan. SANZLY expanded quickly and became the expert for beauty tools in 1982.

The upgrade in manufacturing procedures, the scientific methods of QC and the professional’s management affected the sales of SANZLY amongst the global customers very positively. In order to get best results of the widely spread over business Mr. Abdul Hameed Bhatti after the completion of business related studies of his son re-organized SANZLY in 1986 and appointed Mr. Azhar Hamid Bhatti as the in charge of the exports, and kept the overall command including the manufacturing wing with himself .

SANZLY developed its largest manufacturing unit in 1998 and in order to control the widely spread over business and upgrade in technologies Mr. Azhar Hameed Bhatti after the completion of business related studies of his sons re organize SANZLY in 2006 and appointed Mr. Abu Baker Bhatti as the in charge of QC, Mr. Talha Azhar Bhatti to manage accounts and Mr. Ebad Azhar Bhatti to command the manufacturing wing this steering SANZLY into a purely family business.

SANZLY was a family business from day one. And we are proud of the fact that this family grew bigger and bigger over the years. Today several brands including PAK BEAUTY & SHELBY SERIOUS STEEL are the part of SANZLY Group.

Today SANZLY has become a competent manufacture of expert quality products and supplying these to importers of various famous brands around the world in the most speedy and accurate way.